Status meetings

Status meetings are an opportunity to make sure feedback and learning remain a priority and our plans to achieve them are still on track. Status meetings are also a chance to take a bit of time for critical reflection – a sort of Pause & Reflect ‘light.’ 

What to do:

Check that plans for responsive feedback are still in place

  • Is ongoing learning still built into timelines and budgets?
  • Is everyone clear on roles and responsibilities for ongoing learning?

Check that plans for data capture, feedback, and learning are being acted on

  • Are feedback mechanisms in place?
  • Is feedback being turned into actionable conclusions?
  • Is this information being shared across the organisation (not just with the MEL teams)?

Take time to Pause & Reflect

  • Even if it’s only for a few minutes, take time to invite people to pause & reflect on how the program is going and how it might be better. 
  • Provide questions to guide the reflection such as:
    • What have we observed about how the program is going?
    • What seems to be working well? Not so well? Why is this?
    • What could we improve?
  • Make it clear that constructive criticism is welcome.