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Self-assessment checklist

Use this self-assessment checklist to critically reflect on how well you achieve responsive feedback in your work. Based on your score, we’ll direct you to relevant sections of the website to explore and improve.


Evidence for Decision-Making

The Curve presents a framework for helping practitioners think through data and practice agile adaptation.



P&R on COVID-19 responses

In April, the Curve held a virtual Pause & Reflect session to discuss COVID-19 responses and pose the question: How can SBCC increase understanding of and adherence to physical distancing in developing countries?


Best practice: adaptive proposals

Ritika Pandey, Trevor Rees, Abi Gleek, Reshma Trasi, Christina Synowiec, David Olayemi, Anne Palaia, and Farouk Yusuf shared their best practice-based advice at the global Curve Summit on June 9, 2020.

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Best practice: Pause & Reflect sessions

Elizabeth Serlemitsos, Jarret Cassaniti, Adolor Aisiri, Purnima Mehrotra and Helen Blackholly share their best practice advice on Pause & Reflect.

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Donor Guide: Built to Evolve

Agile adaptation matters. It’s time to make it easier to realise in grants.


Data Curve

A guide to making smarter decisions using data


Success Stories

Inspiring case studies of continous improvement.


Promising practice: AFENET

BMGF’s Yusuf Yusufari and AFENET’s Ugo Osigwe share how AFENET structured their proposal and program with learning at the core. Presented at the global Curve Summit on June 9, 2020.


Coming soon: How to write good learning questions