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Learning from feedback helps us to continue improving.

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If we regularly analyse feedback data, we can identify areas for experimentation and improvement while the program is still live in the field. We call this ‘Responsive Feedback.’

This website aims to get you started with responsive feedback. You will find:

  • The CURVE process: A simple 5-step process for Responsive Feedback
  • Get ready: A checklist of enabling factors that make implementing the process easier
  • Get started: An overview of key moments in the program lifecycle and how to take action
  • Case studies: Inspiring case studies with learnings for other practitioners
  • Resources: Practical tools and guidance to help turn theory into practice

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Self-assessment checklist

Use this self-assessment checklist to critically reflect on how well you achieve responsive feedback in your work. Based on your score, we’ll direct you to relevant sections of the website to explore and improve.

Donor Guide: Built to Evolve

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