Reveal learning opportunities

To get good answers, ask good questions. 

Now that we have identified broad areas to investigate, let’s write specific learning questions. This will focus our learning. 

First, answer these questions:

  1. How can we write learning questions to investigate our assumptions?
    1. Listen & Learn questions such as ‘Is it true that….’, ‘Why…’
    2. Test & Learn questions such as ‘How can we…’, ’What if we…’
  2.  Have we got input and consensus from a wide range of stakeholders?
  3. Can we prioritize our learning questions by, for example,  importance, impact, ease of answering?

Consider these ingredients of success. If they are not in place, could we do anything to bring them about?

  • Is there openness to experimentation and new approaches?
  • Are useful ideas actively sought from other organisations or even from outside the sector?
  • Is it an organisational priority to pause and reflect on learning opportunities and ways to improve? 

At the end of this step you should have:

  • Learning questions agreed and prioritized